Lawrence pig

Bosses are usually big pigs with lots of health encounterd in certain leve


Main bossesEdit


Main article: Wizpig

Wizpig is one of the 3 main antagonists of the game, and hence his name, is a Wizard. Wizpig was hired by King Pig to steal the 5 eggs, though he is not fought until the Star Reef Castle. His role is played by Chef Pig.

Demonic WizpigEdit

The true form of Wizpig after he transforms on Wizpig's Castle Wave 2.

  • Black Magic: Charge: 3 turns. Deals N damage to all enemies.
  • Sacrifice Spirits: Sacrifices all spirits but gains 20% health per Spirit (10% to reviving Spirits)
  • Demonic: No bird can kill him.
    • Despite this, Mighty Eagle can still kill him.

King PigEdit

King Pig is a strong pig in his castle. He has high health, but his only attack, Burp, deals nearly no damage.

Prince PorkyEdit

Vicious/Righteous Backstab: Deals 3*N Damage

Tit for Tat: allies take damage they deal 25% of more damage for 3 turns.

Holy Hand grenade: Deals N Damage to all enemies and all undead enemies (even currently reviving ones

) are removed from the battle.

Story Mode BossesEdit

Here is a list of all other required bosses of that must be defeated to complete the game.

Rogue BossEdit

Main article: Rogue Boss

Backstab: Deals 2*N Damage

Stab Launch: Deals 4*N Damage to the target covered in hay which receives 175% damage and 2*N damage to all other enemies.


Main article: Monty

Sweet Backstab: Helpful effects are removed. Deals N Damage.

Cabin BoyEdit

Haymaker:Charge 3 turns. Deals N damage to all enemies.

Captain Red BeardEdit

Not to be confused with the Chronicle Cave version.

The boss of Southern Sea - 2, he also raids the ships the he gets near. However, he is nothing more than a Pirate Captain with a different name.

Stinky StanleyEdit

In Slingshot Woods - 1, this gigantic zombie summoned by Wizpig is the bigger variant of the Voodoo Berserker, but heals 200% damage instead of 50%.

Voodoo DoctorEdit

This boss first appears in Great Cliffs - 1, he tries to focus the target and attack it for 4 turns. He also reappears as the boss in the Floating Hoghouse dungeon but with different attacks. He is the stronger variant of the Witch Doctor.


Great Cliffs - 4 features the Banshee boss, the Howler. He has additional power, alongside that he calls 3 allies instead of 1. He reappears in Islands in the Sky - 1.

Royal BodyguardEdit

The next new boss does not occur until Square Forest - 3, in which one of King Pig's guard protects the area. Royal Bodyguard's attack is very similar to Stinky Stanley's, except he now can attack 3 times with a 3 turn charge (which is his only main attack). Unlike the most other upgrade bosses, this boss is not a variant, instead it is the same enemy but bigger and he has different attacks.


This boss is in Moorlands - 2, the Brute boss territory. Similar to Royal Bodyguard, it is a bigger version of the same enemy and his attack is different - he still charges but for a 2 turn charge instead of 3, he attacks all targets and has a 10% to stun enemies instead of 100%. This variant returns in some Chronicle Cave levels as an enemy instead of a boss.

Submariner BossEdit

Northern Sea - 3 is where Submariner Boss crashed his submarine in, and he does not want to give up his submarine without a fight. He is only a bigger variant of Pilot Pig but with attack renames.

Inferno PigEdit

Inferno Pig is one of Wizpig's summoned wizards that appears in Magic Shield - 1. He is basically a Pyropig with more power and health, and his Heavy Fire Power boost lasts 5 turns instead of 2.

Tempest PigEdit

Also one of Wizpig's summoned wizards that awaits in Magic Shield - 2, Tempest Pig is a Lightning Pig with more power and health.

Earthblood PigEdit

Another summoned wizard on Magic Shield - 3, he still is a Nature Pig with more power and health.

Blizzard PigEdit

The fourth Wizpig's summoned wizards, appears in Magic Shield - 4, he is a Frostpig with more power and health.

Spirit CallerEdit

The fifth and last wizard summoned, he is fought in Magic Shield - 5, and is a Necromancer with more health and power, and his Mass Leech also does damage to the affected bird. He appears earlier in the Ghost Ship dungeon and Mouth Pool as the boss of both also. He is also the last boss of Story Mode besides Wizpig.

Dungeon BossesEdit

Captain RedbeardEdit

The boss of Porktuga, he invades the port-town and strikes down all that shall pass. He is the upgrade of the Pirate Captain but he summons two allies instead of one. He also appears as a recurring boss in the Chronicle Cave.

Little NinjaEdit

Volcano Island is where this little but master ninja appears. With years of training, he tickles your birds to prevent usage of Rage Chili and can heal himself also.

Dark KnightEdit

In the Trick or Treat Castle, this knight resembles Darth Vader and he has a light saber to prove it. He can attack all targets with two turn charge or attack and have a chance to dispel abilities.

Primeval Frost HogEdit

Bottomless Cave lies this boss, where he rests with the other beastly brute pigs. He is very similar to the regular Brawler, except he stuns the target for 3 turns, causing major mayhem without the right birds. He also appears as the Workshop guarder in Winter Wonderland - 5, and appears as a recurring "mid-boss" in the Chronicle Cave.

Pharaoh PigEdit

The Sunken Pyramid where all the undead lives, the Pharaoh Pig lies at the end. He deals a lot of damage and only needs 2 turns to revive in exchange for much of his health. However, he also uses Cactus Guards to help him.

Mother of Golden PigsEdit

She appears in the rare Golden Clouds Castle, where Wealthy Rogues and Golden Pigs defend the land. She appears at the end, heavily trying to headbutt your birds. However, her head gets hurt after she uses it thus rendering her stunned for one turn. She rewards more Lucky Coins than their children, being 10 Lucky Coins.

Optional BossesEdit

Here is a list of bosses that does not have to be beaten to complete the game.

Poseidon PigEdit

Formerly the most powerful boss of the game with level 40, he appears as an upgraded Ship's Kobold, but he attacks 5 times, loses his stun effect, heals for 100% of dealt damage, and his average health is 42000. He appears in the Maelstrom secret level and requires a submarine to fight him. Using The Blues and Matilda (Druid class) is a good tactic as it lowers Poseidon Pig's health substantially. Matilda can also heal.

Primeval Frost Hog Edit

Exactly the same as frost hog, but stronger. Appears at the ice mountatin

Chronicle Cave BossesEdit

Dark ShamanEdit

Dark Shaman is very similar to his weaker Shaman, but now he can try to act like a Rogue and do backstabs at your birds. He guards the Red Key after the ? update and is seen in Caves 1 and 17.

Captain Red Beard Edit

He appears in Chronicle Cave after as a dungeon Boss and appears in cave 2. His attacks are exactly the same as he was in the Dungeon but only stronger.

Mini HorrorFirst appearance: Chronicle Cave 3 Misty Hollow 10. Edit

Mini Horror

Mini Horror

Health Points: 5346

Battle Powers


  • Deals 342 damage.


  • Causes attackers to miss target pig with 50% chance.
  • Lasts 3 turns.


  • Revives 2 turns after being knocked out.

Ice Shaman KingEdit

First appearance: Chronicle Cave 4 Cure Cavern 10.

Health Points: 12543

Knight of the Living DeadEdit

First appearance: Chronicle Cave 6 Endless Winter level 10
Knight of the Living Dead

Knight of the Living Dead

Health Points: 16001

Battle Powers

Unstoppable Blow

  • 2 turns
  • Deals 1372 damage


  • target has 50% chance to deal critical damage.
  • Lasts 3 turns


 Revives 3 turns after being knocked out

Lawrence PigEdit

First appearance: Chronicle Cave 7 Forgotten Bastion 10Edit

Lawrence pig


Health Points: 35558

Battle Powers

Demoralizing Strike

  • Charge: 3 turns.
  • Deals 3466
  • damage.
  • Lowers attack power by 90% for 3 turns.

Interrupting Impact

  • Deals 2x 599 damage.
  • 25% chance to stun target for 1 turn.

x599 Lawrence Pig is a reference to the main character of the once popular movie Lawrence of Arabia.


Health: 9873.


Battle powers

  • pork sa sail cave 8
  • To be added.
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