Friendship Essence is a currency that can be purchased or earned in-game.
Friendship Essence

Friendship Essence

Obtaining Friendship EssenceEdit

Friendship Essence can be purchased in the Shop for Lucky Coins. Otherwise, they can only be obtained by:

  • Asking friends for Friendship Essence. Piggy McCool gives Friendship Essences after a few days.
  • If your friends use your birds, you will also receive Friendship Essence.
  • You also receive 5 Friendship Essence as a gift when you login via your Rovio account for the first time.

Use of Friendship EssenceEdit

Friendship Essence has only 3 uses. They can be use for:

  • Re-rolling the Wheel of Fortune. It costs 1 Essence for regular levels and Floating Glory, and 10 for events and arena rewards.
  • Re-rolling the Dice for 1 Essence.
  • Crafting Stamina Drinks, for 15 Essences.
    • Before update 1.5.2, crafting Stamina Drinks costed 5 Essences.
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