The Golden Pig Machine is a puppet-mouthed machine that looks like the Golden Pig. Prince Porky drops it when you win Golden Fields - 3.

Golden Pig Machine

This Is What It Looks Like


You can use 3 Lucky Coins to do one roll. But if you use 15 Lucky Coins you get 5 rolls plus another free roll. You can either get normal items or set items, when you get a set, you get a specific power. Each roll will fill up the rainbow bar. When the rainbow bar fills up, you have a 100% chance of getting a set item.

Before update ?, the 15 Lucky Coins for 6 rolls was replaced spending 20 Lucky Coins for a single roll that has a higher chance of getting a set item. It still fills the same amount of the 15 Lucky Coin roll.

Where to find itEdit

Prince Porky and Monty were taking it around and then Monty was defeated. Defeat the Pilot Pig to earn the machine.

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