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A Lucky Coin

Lucky Coins are the premium currency in the game and the most difficult to get. 

How To Get Lucky Coin

You can purchase Lucky Coins for real money. 

The Coin Store

The game can be completed without spending any real money, since there are a few ways to receive free Lucky Coins.

  • You receive 3 Lucky Coins when you level up.
  • In versions ?-?, when you Complete the daily bonus to receive 1 to 7 Lucky Coins, plus 1 extra Lucky Coin if you login via Facebook.
  • In versions ?-? and ?-?, when you defeat the Golden Pig.
  • You sometimes get 3 to 6 Lucky Coins when you open chests throughout the game.

Use of Lucky Coins

Lucky Coins have several uses throughout the game. Lucky Coins can be used to:

  • Roll the Golden Pig Machine. You can either roll for 3 Lucky Coins, get a random item, and fill a little of the rainbow bar, or roll for 27 Lucky Coins, and roll 10 times and fill more of the rainbow bar.
    • In versions ?-?, rolling for 15 lucky coins was 20, and it was a single roll that gave you a higher chance to get a more powerful item.
  • "Rent" a Mercenary Bird from the Mighty Eagle for 15 Lucky Coins to complete Weekly Dungeons or Chronicle Cave levels.
    • You can also pay 10 lucky coins to wake up a friend’s bird in Weekly Dungeons or Chronicle Cave levels.
  • Revive your birds for 15 Lucky Coins if you fail a level.
  • Buy classes for you birds, like the Paladin and Bard.
  • Upgrade the Cauldron and Anvil.
  • Buy the Golden Chili, Golden Anvil, and the Golden Cauldron
  • Buy potions, Experience Bottles, Mighty Eagle's Favorite Dish, Cleansing Potions, and Stamina Drinks.
  • Upgrade your Birds' Classes in the Mighty Eagle's Dojo.

Strategy for getting lucky coins

Its pretty simple, just play golden pig every day, since it happens everyday (bro lol), you can come whenever you want once a day. to get classes, just save up your money.