Piggy island is where the game takes place.

You start in south beach. Next you go to pig prison, and you go to Colbalt Plateaus. Next, you go through East Colbalt Plateaus. Then, you battle at north colbalt plateaus, and go through Matilda’s garden to puzzle bridge. That takes you to Porfesser Pig’s lab. Then, you go to Golden Fields, and head for Cornucopia woods, and then Southern Colbalt Plateaus. You head for limestone lagoon, while you head for shipwreck reef and Southern Sea. Then you can go to desert island.

 Next is Pirate coast, slingshot woods, great cliffs and 

Star reef. Following that is bamboo forest, volcano cliff,

Canyon land and snowy peak. After that is islands in the sky,
Square forest, and northern sea. Then eastern sea, pig city
harbor and pig city.  Following that is old nesting barrows, 

Hog head mountain, magic shield and Wizpig’s Castle.

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