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Pigs are the antagonists of the game, appearing in almost every level throughout the game.

The Main Bosses are King Pig, Prince Porky ,and Wizpig. The further you go in the game, the more health and strength most pigs will get.

Minion Pigs

Stick Pig.png

Minion Pigs are common pigs that are seen in various differnt areas on Piggy Island. Useually not a threat but sometimes quite challenging.


Brute Pigs


Brute Pigs are the strongest pigs usually seen with a lot of health. They take 2-3 turns to launch a devastating attack. Along with Zombies, this pig doesn't have an animation for spreading positive effects to allies.


Guard Captain.png

Knights are mainly seen guarding and protecting areas on Piggy Island.They do have good defense. To make the pigs have less defense, take out these guys first.

Golden Pigs

Golden Pig.png

Golden Pigs are pigs that used to be a daily boss that gave you Lucky Coins upon defeat. Then they were scattered around the Piggy Island World Map every once in a while and giving a coin upon defeat. And now they are found in The Golden Cloud Castle found at the end of mini map campaigns. When you beat the boss Mother Of Golden Pigs at the end of the level, She Drops 10 Coins Lucky Coins . Also seen in the  Valentines Day event.

Foreman Pigs

Big Boss.jpeg

Foreman Pigs are pigs found throughout piggy island. they mainly gain attack when other the other pigs are defeated.= making a pretty strong attack. This pig should be taken out first if possible.

Shaman Pigs

Shaman Pigs are wildlings that deals more damage when the rage chilli fills up. they also tend to do NxN damage.

Special Bosses

Special Bosses are enemies that have special features and are available exclusively to their corresponding special level.

For More info on these bosses go to the Bosses page.

Special Spirit Caller (Mouth Pool)

Poseidon Pig (Maelstrom/Whirpool)

Sword Spirit (Old Nesting Barrows 4)

Golden Pig (Golden Clouds daily bonus)

Poseidon Pig

He is a very strong ghost pig that does an extremely harmful attack. His average health is 42000 and does about 100-200 damage. He also revives after 2 turns. He has a big anchor as a weapon and has seaweed with a snail on his head. He is currently only available in the whirlpool level which is unlocked after obtaining the Submarine.

For more info on the Poseidon Pig go to the Bosses page.


there is only one level in the main story that does not feature a pig of any kind - Old Nesting Barrows 4