Potions are special items that aids the player in battle and are usually used as last resort items. These are disabled on Old Nesting Burrows - 6 due to Sword Spirit's passive ability and in Floating Glory to prevent cheating.

Fruit JuiceEdit

Fruit Juice are drink potions that heal one fighter only, but more than Fruit Cake. The player starts with Banana Juice but can be upgraded to Sea Berry, Snow Apple, Pig Cherry, then Greater Pig Cherry juice.

Fruit CakeEdit

Fruit Cake are food potions that heals less than Fruit Juice but heals every fighter. The player must buy it at Professor's Pig Laboratory. It can be upgraded to Pretty Fruit Cake later on.

Veggie CakeEdit

Veggie Cake are food potions that fills the Rage Chili by a certain amount. The player starts with Hot Veggie Cake but can be upgraded to Ultra Hot then Burning Veggie Cake.

Experience PotionEdit

Experience Potion is a potion that doubles your experience earned from defeated enemies for the duration of the level. It is best used in Wave Battles or whenever Bosses provide lots of experience. It cannot be crafted,

can only be won via Daily Calendar, earning enough stars, or buying it with Lucky Coins.

Mighty Eagle's Favorite DishEdit

Mighty Eagle's Favorite Dish is a potion that resembles a can of sardines. Whenever this is used, it will destroy all pigs on the current wave. This effect ignores all passive effects, meaning it can kill pigs that have ability to dodge attacks, high health Ninja Pigs or Prince Porky, King Pig, Evil Cupid (only for people that are level 80 or higher) ,and Demonic Wizpig with no problem. Like the Experience Potion, it can only be bought with Lucky Coins or won by earning enough stars or Daily Calendar.

Purify PotionEdit

Purify Potion is a potion that cleanses and removes all harmful effects from a single bird. It cannot be crafted and can only be won from Daily Calendar, earning enough stars, or bought with Lucky Coins.

Stamina DrinkEdit

Stamina Drinks are potions that act differently to others. It is used only in events and refills 1 stamina. It can be crafted with 15 Friendship Essences, won from Daily Calendar or bought with Lucky Coins.

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