Snoutlings are the main currency in the game. Snoutlings are used to buy most of the gear, tools, and weapons.
Snoutling 2


Earning SnoutlingsEdit

Snoutlings can be purchased with Lucky Coins in the in-game Angry Birds Epic Store.

The game can be easily completed without spending Lucky Coins, as there are many ways of obtaining free Snoutlings.
Snoutling Store

Snoutling Store

  • By defeating enemies, especially Bosses or Wealthy Rogues.
  • By completing Dungeons.
  • By completing Chronicle Cave levels (after weapon is won).
  • By opening chests after completing certain levels.
  • By opening chests in the map throughout the game.

Use of SnoutlingsEdit

Snoutlings have many uses throughout the game. You can use Snoutlings to:

  • Buy bird classes and weapon blueprints, which appears in trainers and workshops throughout the game.
  • Buy potions and loot.
  • Upgrade you bird's mastery in the Might Eagle's Dojo.
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