Wealthy Rogue
Wealthy Rogue


Minion Pig, Rogue Pig

First encountered

Head Hog Mountain - 1 (if not encountered earlier)

Passive ability

Full Pockets

Wealthy Rogue is a rouge which doesnt attack any bird as he charges 3 turns to run away from the battlefield. He have a bag of snoutlings which will be obtained when he is damaged. If you defeated him before he runs you will get 50 snoutlings extra. He is found rarely in repeated levels , dungeouns and caves randomly. Hog mountain 1 is only a level where you can fight him alone..


Wealthy Rogue Wealthy Rogue


Run Away

Charge: 3 turns. Runs away, never to be seen again.


Full Pockets

Passive: Drops a Snoutling when attacked.


1 This pig doesnt hit you still defeat him before he runs otherwise he disappears and you cant get the snoutlings.

2 If he is getting a positive effect like counter attack , shield etc it might let him in running easily so defeat him quickly,

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