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  1. Battle Hint
  2. Cut scenes
    1. Before retrieving the fifth egg
    2. After retrieving the fifth egg
  3. Pigs
    1. Wave 1
    2. Wave 2
  4. Player's Pigs
    1. Wave 2: Prince Porky Hero Stats
  5. Strategy
    1. Community Strategy
      1. Wave 1
      2. Wave 2
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Wizpig's CastleEdit


Hog Head Mountain



Wave 1Edit

1x Righty

1x Lefty

1x Wizpig

Wave 2Edit

1x Demonic wizpig

Summoned every 2 turns: 2x spirits


1x treasure chest
(3 rainbow shells after you got the treasure)

Wizpig's Castle is the ninth level of Hog Head Mountain in Angry Birds Epic. It is a Castle stage. When this level is finished, the player may spin for 1 Treasure. (3 Rainbow Shells if replaying) Several pigs are introduced here.

Wizpig, who has a new set:

  • Black Curse: A very weak attack but inflicts a powerful negative effect on all birds: Each attack on the bird will heal the attacker by 75% their maximum health.
  • Zombie Master: A skill that allows a random pig, including himself to attack twice in one turn, with the attack being 200% the normal damage.

Righty, who has no changes from that of a regular Zombie Knight.

Lefty, a stronger Stinky Zombie due to his attack requiring no charge turns.

Spirit, a very weak version of Ghost, whose sole purpose for this battle is to act as healing fuel for Demonic Wizpig's second attack.

Demonic Wizpig, who is also fought in the second wave. In this form, Wizpig loses his Drain Life passive ability but swaps it for a much stronger ability: Demonic, which prevents him from being defeated by a bird.

Finally, Prince Porky allies with the birds in the second wave to deal the final hit on Wizpig. As a player pig, Prince Porky no longer has the Dodge ability but instead swaps it for a rage ability named: "Holy Hand Grenade", which works like bomb's rage ability but it also allows Prince Porky to remove all undead pigs from the battle if they are defeated by the rage ability or were already knocked out when the rage ability activates. For story progression, clearing this stage will recover the fifth and final egg and unlock access to Chronicle Cave.

Battle HintEdit

Undead (Revive 2-3 turns after being knocked out.)

These spooky pigs are Undead. They revive after being knocked out as long as there is a pig standing!

Hint: Try to knock out as many undead pigs as possible at the same time.

Cut scenesEdit

Before retrieving the fifth eggEdit

Wizpig has been defeated. Suddenly, he woke up and laughed at the birds. He used his magic spell and suddenly, black smoke appeared around him. And then, the whole screen turned white and when the smoke cleared, he has upgraded himself into his ultimate version: Demonic Wizpig, having a passive effect that no bird can defeat him. But Prince Porky was here to help, surprising Demonic Wizpig. Prince Porky laughed at him as now he could help the birds defeat Demonic Wizpig.

After retrieving the fifth eggEdit

The birds and Prince Porky have finally defeated Wizpig. While Red was holding the King Pig's crown, Prince Porky was holding the egg. Then, Prince Porky and Red recognized that they had what the other needs. So they both returned the other's stuff. Then they all laughed and then, the birds and pigs together look at the sunset as they were at peace. Once they were all done, the flock and Prince Porky returned on the airship. First, they flew to King Pig's castle to return the crown to King Pig. When the flock placed the fifth egg back in the nest, they saw the final light on the Chronicle Cave entrance lit up, meaning they could now enter the cave and start their next adventure in it.


Wave 1Edit

Lefty Lefty


Poisonous breath

Deals N damage, target takes N damage for 3 turns.



Revives 3 turns after being knocked out

Righty Righty


Weakening strike

Deals N damage, reducing targets attack power by 15% for 3 turns.



Revives 3 turns after being knocked out.

Wizpig Wizpig


Black Curse

Deals N damage, and if any enemies receive damage, their attackers are healed by 75% of their maximum health.


Zombie Master

Target ally immediately attacks, dealing 2x the initiative damage (he can use on himself)


Life drain

Increases received healing by 100%

Wave 2Edit

Demonic wizpig Demonic Wizpig


Black Magic

Charge: 3 turns. Deals N damage. (enough to knock out Price Porky on first attempt at the castle)


Consume Spirits

Consumes all spirit allies. Heals 20% of his maximum health per consumed spirit. Currently reviving spirits only grant 10% of his maximum health.



"No bird can defeat me !" No, seriously: you can't knock this guy out with any bird! (not even with mighty eagle)

Summoned every 2 turns:

Spirit spirit
HealthPointN (less then Prince Porky's rage attack damage)


Scary Presence

Deals N damage



Revives 2 turns after being knocked out

Player's PigsEdit

Wave 2: Prince Porky Hero StatsEdit

At wave 2, Prince Porky will fight together with the birds to defeat Demonic Wizpig. Prince Porky will be at the same level as Wizpig's level (first encounter) or your level (rematch).

Prince porky prince porky


Righteous Backstab

Deals 3x N damage


Tit for Tat

All allies increase their attack power by 30% but also suffer 15% more damage. Lasts 3 turns.


Holy hand bomb grenade

Deals N (more damage then the health of the spirits) to all enemy pigs. Any undead that are currently reviving or are knocked cause of the blast are removed from the battle.


Community StrategyEdit

Bring along the following birds and classes:

  • Red as Samurai
  • Matilda as Druid
  • The blues as Tricksters

Wave 1Edit

  1. Focus on attacking Wizpig. Defeating him will automatically defeat both zombies.
  2. After Wizpig attacks, use Cheer to remove all harmful effect from all birds.
  3. At any time one of the birds has less than 50% health, use Regrowth on the bird.
  4. If two birds have less than 50% health, then use Defensive Formation on the bird with the lower health.
  5. Should the Rage Chili be full then,
    1. If Wizpig has at least 50% health:
      1. Use it on Druid to quickly recover most of the health back should the entire team be suffering health wise
      2. On Samurai if the whole team is doing ok on health
    2. If Wizpig has less than 50% health, save it for the second wave unless the whole team needs emergency healing from Druid.

Wave 2Edit

  1. Again, get the entire team to attack Demonic Wizpig.
  2. Always weaken any Spirits that show up but do not knock them out yet.
  3. When Demonic Wizpig is about to unleash his charge attack, use Defensive Formation on Prince Porky.
  4. When Demonic Wizpig is about to use his second attack to heal himself, use Prince Porky's rage ability to kill all the Spirits and deny his attack.
  5. When Demonic Wizpig has 1 health left, use Prince Porky to deal the final hit.


Walk throughEdit

Angry Birds Epic Wiz Pig's Castle 3-STAR Walkthrough (No potions or perks)

Angry Birds Epic Wiz Pig's Castle 3-STAR Walkthrough (No potions or perks)

Angry Birds Epic Wizpig's Castle Walk through


  • For some reason, Demonic Wizpig's passive ability Demonic prevents any bird from dealing the killing blow on him, Mighty Eagle can't kill him.
  • Wizpig in Wave 1 does not use Black Storm to attack the birds, making it the only time he does not need to charge his attack.
  • This is the one of the few levels that has 2 waves. (The Other 2 wave levels are some event levels)
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