General Edit

Zombie Pigs are pigs that can revives after 3 turns.

Types Edit

Found in general Edit

Zombie Edit

Zombies are common zombie pigs that deals average damage

Mummy Edit

Mummy are common zombie pigs that deals average damage and causes stun

Wet Mummy Edit

Wet Mummy are rare zombie pigs that has similiar attack with Mummy. Wet Mummies can be found at Sunken Pyramid

Voodoo Berserker Edit

Voodoo Berserker are rare zombie pigs that heals every dealt damage.

Stinky Zombie Edit

Stinky Zombies are rare zombies that covers the target with sticky goo

Zombie Knight Edit

Zombie Knights are rare zombies that weaken the target

Boss Types Edit

Stinky Stanley Edit

Stinky Stanley is a boss zombie that guarding Slingshot Woods. It has similiar attack with Voodoo Berserker but heals more.

Knight of the Living Dead Edit

Knight of the Living Dead is a giant zombie that guarding the 6th cave. He has a support ability (only this zombie) that has a chance to deals critical damage. Also he doesn't afflicts effect to the taget.

Phararoh Edit

Phararoh has a tissue paper on his head, and Zombie Knight's sword as a weapon. He is the only one that attacks all enemies. He weaken all the target enemy.

Elite Zombies Edit

Righty Edit

Righty is similiar to Zombie Knight but Righty dies after WIzPig dies.

Lefty Edit

Lefty is similiar to Stinky Zombie but he doesn't charge to attack. He dies after WizPig dies.

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